A Message From Our Practitioner



Below is a message from our Spiritual Director and Practitioner, Yvonne Ryba, RScP.

I have been a Practitioner since 2005. I was President of the Science of Mind (SOM) Core Council in San Antonio when I decided to work towards becoming a Practitioner and after completing my Practitioner requirements, I taught SOM classes, as well as Dream Interpretation classes. I was twice co-chair of the management team that organized a large Rummage Sale fund raiser for Creative Life Spiritual Center. I have participated in Youth Programs by reading stories to children, been the Queen in a ‘Tea with The Queen’, presentation for the Youth, given a special Wednesday night talk, and sang with a Practitioner singing group called the The Practettes who performed popular spiritual music.

In the last two years I have also been a frequent speaker in several other Spiritual Centers in Houston and surrounding areas. I became a Practitioner because I felt the need to expand my knowledge and to delve deeply into spiritual connection. I have been an intuitive all my life. In fact for the last 23 years it has become my full time occupation. I earn my living by doing a combination of intuitive readings, spiritual life coaching, dream interpretation and practitioner work. I have clients all over the U.S. and abroad who call me regularly. They have invited me to their homes and I feel blessed by knowing every one of them.

In my free time I serve as Secretary on both the Shepherd Library and Chamber of Commerce. I write a weekly piece for the local Community News about a member of the Chamber or an interesting event. I found getting involved in volunteering was the best way to meet people and find my way around, once I moved to this small town on the edge of the National Forest. I like to garden and am working on creating an orchard. I am truly honored to be licensed at Center for Spiritual Living-Clearlake as a Practitioner and look forward to a busy and happy interaction with its members and visitors.